Win Prizes When You Use New Noteworthy Wines Web Site Upgrades
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Win Prizes When You Use New Noteworthy Wines Web Site Upgrades

Social, Ecom, Sharing all in one place …

Thanks to Jean-Paul, we have several new features on our site that we’re excited about!

Recent changes include the following:

  • Easy newsletter subscription (Home, click on the top red banner)
  • A new online ordering feature
  • Easy reviews on a per-product basis
  • Easy sharing of product details and information with your friends

And they’re NOT just in one place.  They’re in MANY places throughout the site.

All of these features have been added for EACH wine product, so if you like Le Velette’s Accordo or Zantho’s Sauv Blanc, then you can easily should about them to the rest of your friends.

And why would you do that?  Because we use tools that will let us identify people that help promote our products and if you do promote our pages, you’ll get a chance to WIN PRIZES FROM NOTEWORTHY WINES!!!

That’s right:  promote our pages and you may be eligible to WIN PRIZES (conditions apply – see below).

Sharing is Easy!

Sharing your favourite wine is easy with social tools

The image above shows just how easy it is to share information about our wine products with your friends.  Just click on one of the links provided (Facebook etc).

You’ll find these links at the bottom of ‘About the Wine’ sections for each product.

When you promote these wines, you’ll be eligible to WIN PRIZES!

Buy Online … Not In Line!

OK … it takes a few weeks to get wine product when you order from us, but what’s more convenient than buying your wine product that’s been reviewed, been tasted and has great ratings from professional wine experts all from the comfort of your own home?

Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And when you order online, you become eligible to WIN PRIZES (see below for conditions).

Buy wine online not in line

As you can see, all you have to is click on the ‘Our Wines’ menu, and then choose a wine product.  When you get to a product page, just click on the ‘Order’ tab and you’ll be all set to get yourself some awesome wine products direct from the supplier(s)!

Like The Wine? Write Reviews!

It’s easy to write reviews for every single one of our products.  Just find the product through the ‘Our Wines’ section and then click on the ‘Reviews’ tab.  Post your thoughts (keep them clean, please!) and we’ll show the love by giving you a chance to WIN PRIZES! from Noteworthy Wines.

WIN PRIZES Conditions: The Small Print

The conditions are simple: from time to time, we’ll select winners randomly from our lists of newsletter subscribers, Twitter followers, LinkedIn members and Facebook fans and give them a bottle of wine as a ‘Thank you’ for their hard work promoting us. Referring us to friends and setting up group tastings with 5+ people will also make you eligible.

Ordering wine makes you eligible as well.  For every order we received from you, your name will be added to the potential list of winners.

So keep buying online or by calling us or by emailing us!  NOTE:  Orders can be from Ontario residents only.

Other conditions:  you have to be a resident of Ontario to be eligible for any prizes from Noteworthy Wines, but PLEASE don’t let that stop you from helping us get the word out about our great suppliers and wonderful wine!

If we do give you a prize, you give us the permission to use your Twitter handle or name for promotional purposes.

Maximum prize quantity is limited and selections may only be made from existing LCBO-tested products.

We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.  Other conditions may apply.

Please always remember to drink responsibly.


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