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What’s Your Favourite Wine Variety?

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Or Country?  Or Region?

We’d like to know … what’s your favourite wine variety?

What’s your favourite wine country & region?  Why?

Please don’t be shy and post your comments below.


Bill, Lisa, Michele, Aldo

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Comments (2)

  1. nacholeon, July 5, 2012
    Speaking about countries, I love French and Spanish wines for red wines. And German and French for blanc ones. Region for reds: Bierzo. A great way to develop. Variety: Mencia. Indegenous from Bierzo, I believe it is a mixture between the traditional french varieties, and the fruity Spanish ones. And it is perfectly adapted to Bierzo weather.
    • BillWittur, July 5, 2012
      Thanks Nacholeon! Great feedback :)

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