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Wedding Wine Calculator

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Many people have asked me a simple question: “How much wine should I buy for our wedding?”

The answer is a little more straight-forward than people think.

With the ‘wedding season’ right around the corner, this question will be on the minds of many people, including parents, planners, brides, grooms and others involved with ensuring that the ‘Big Day’ goes off without a hitch.

What we’d like to do is help ‘take away the pain’, both in terms of estimating how much wine you might need for your event, but also with respect to selecting and presenting quality wines that won’t break the bank and steal from the budget of the newlyweds!

Part I: Wedding Wine Calculator

Most people over-order for their wedding. Of course, I’m in sales, so this is OK with me, but I also want to ensure that people have money for the other things associated with a wedding (flowers, chocolates, good food, etc).

To calculate how much wine you need for your wedding, I’ve attached a really basic spreadsheet that will help the more technically-inclined audience to generate an estimate, but here are the basic variables:

  • Number of guests: The estimate below starts with 250 people.
  • Adult / kids ratio: I use 60% when calculating how much wine you need.
  • Consumption: half a bottle per adult, regardless of what they drink is a good proxy. In other words, you’ll have some adults who won’t drink anything, many who will drink beer or spirits and some who will drink a little too much (like I did at my brother’s wedding many years ago).
  • Preference: I’ve done many events and the balance of red to white is about 5 to 1.
  • Breakage: expect a few bottles to break. This is life.
  • Extras: it’s impossible to get away with the most basic estimate without accounting for some people’s unique tastes. The reality is that you won’t be able to please everyone, but you can try to please most people.

Basic estimate: Example 1

  • 250 guests, 60% adults, half a bottle per adult
  • MINIMUM VOLUME REQUIRED: 75 bottles, or just a little more than 6 cases
  • Total red cases: 5
  • Total white cases: 1
  • Add: sparkling product for a toast (10 pours per bottle, or about 6 750 mL bottles)

With this basic estimate, you may want to add a case of each of red and white wine, just to make sure you’ve got enough on hand.

NOTE: When ordering from Noteworthy Wines, we accept unopened cases as full refunds or credits towards other product.

Basic Estimate: Example 2

  • 100 guests, 60% adults, half a bottle per adult
  • Total red cases: 2
  • Total white cases: 1
  • Add: sparkling product for a toast (10 pours per bottle, or about 6 750 mL bottles)

As you can see, it’ll be hard to avoid over-ordering a little for a ‘smaller’ group, but it’s still worth having some extra on hand.

Part II: Budget & Product

Now that you know how much to order, the next important question is “What do we order?”

At Noteworthy Wines, we take pride in the fact that our wines appeal to a wide audience at a reasonable price.

In other words, you can order wines that cost as little as $14 per bottle (taxes included) for your event.

The spreadsheet identifies some examples, but here’s some experience that we’ve had with wine preferences:


  • Full-bodied: choose Le Velette’s “Accordo”. It’s our most popular full-bodied wine that goes with everything, has moderate tannins, a good fruit core and light acidity.
  • Light-bodied: choose Zantho’s Pinot Noir. Light fruit and body, timid tannins and low sugar content.
  • For the enthusiasts: pick either Calanco or Gaudio.


  • Chardonnay: we now carry wine from Dover Vineyards that makes a delicious and subtle Chardonnay.
  • Dry: pick the Berganorio (from Le Velette) or Gruner (Zantho)
  • Medium: we recommend the Sauv Blanc from either Zantho or Le Velette.
  • Full-bodied: it’s not for everyone, but the Sole Uve (100% Grechetto from Le Velette) is a masterful wine when it comes to food matching, especially white fish and cream sauces.

Finally, for sparkling, we recommend the 90-point rates Brut (dry) Rosé from Zantho. It’s a delightful, light and creamy champagne-style sparkling wine without the Champagne cost (just $30 per bottle).

Of course, that’s just the beginning. For a full consultation on the array of wine that we carry, give us a call. 519-914-1204.

Or email us at We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your wedding experience is enjoyable and filled with great memories.

Bill Wittur
Noteworthy Wines


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