Toronto Show Wrap-up
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Toronto Show Wrap-up


What a weekend.  From November 15th to the 18th, we were in Toronto with the Austrian Consulate promoting Zantho’s wines.  It was an exceptional opportunity to get our feet wet with respect to trade shows and we’ll certainly do the Toronto event again, as well as push forward with other events closer to home.

I’d love to embellish on a lot of exciting details, especially the food and wine, but without certain people, I’m sure things would have turned a different way.  Here are a just a few people we’d like to thank for their help over the weekend:

  • Rita: for doing a lot of work to get everything organized before we even showed up and getting us all together under the ‘Austrian Tent’
  • Joy:  for sharing advice even though she didn’t have to and living up to her name
  • Mark & Kyla:  for always being such good friends and for sharing Thursday night with us
  • “The Annes”
  • Lydia & Stefanie
  • Joel

I may have forgotten a few folks, but I’d like to really do a shout out to two in particular:

Mark was tireless, enthusiastic and distinguished himself by being professional, informed and pleasant all weekend.  Without him, I wouldn’t have had a chance to chat with a few important people at the show, especially those with the trade.  I had a chance to introduce myself to prospective clients and enjoy some unique food and wine without having to worry about our booth.

Of course, the other ‘person’ is really a group of people: those who came to the show to discover new wine.  We showcased three products at the event and all three were exceptionally well received.  We had stiff competition around the floor, from places like California, Portugal, France and so on, but many people came back telling us how much they enjoyed the St Laurent, the Gruner and the Sauvignon Blanc.

Which reminds me:  thank you Zantho for producing such fabulous wine!

Bill Wittur
Noteworthy Wines
Licensed LCBO Agent


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