There’s Still Time …
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There’s Still Time …

Happy Holidays!

As we enter the holiday season, our most important message is to please drink responsibly.  We know it’s repeated often, but it’s important to enjoy the holidays … not just this year, but for years to come.

2012 Buying Options

Many people ask us about our new business and the reality is this:  what has already happened in 2012 has been awesome, fun and extremely rewarding!

Since we’re not a typical retail operation, it’s no longer possible to order and deliver product before the end of the year, but we have something worth considering for your family and friends that are wine enthusiasts:  gift cards.

gift card image

Last year, I worked at the LCBO and couldn’t believe the volume of cards that flew off the counters as people realized that many of their friends and loved ones might actually enjoy the idea of going on a $50 or $100 spending spree on their own.

They are great gifts and they fit well in stockings and envelopes.

Denominations are in $50 increments and they don’t have an expiry on them.

Added bonus:  each one is custom made by our design team when we get a request from you.

So … stop dragging your feet, order our gift cards online and avoid the big headaches associated with endless lines of other people that left their shopping to the last minute!

Want More Options?

We’re already booking some of the following into the New Year:

  • Wine sampling / tasting parties – service fee starts at $250 for 2 hours and INCLUDES a case of wine
  • Cellar consulting – objective feedback on storage recommendations, cellar ideas and (of course), wine selection
  • Wine menu recommendations – pairing of menu items with our wine products, as well as those from other suppliers
  • Charity events – for selected events in 2013, we will organize wine gifts, auction items, sampling booths and even free cases of product!
  • Event sponsorship – we will choose from a limited number of events that we will sponsor through 2013.

So … think about these options and ideas as you’re waiting in line to pay for gifts.

Bill Wittur
Noteworthy Wines

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