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Tasting: Le Velette Sole Uve

On Saturday, Lisa and I got together with A&M, RM, SL and BB (names are protected for privacy).  One of the tasters is a local wine judge, the other has completed their Sommelier Diploma Program or SDP (congrats!) and the final taster has almost completed all of the requirements of the SDP (congrats again!).

We tasted two wines from Le Velette: Sole Uve and Il Raggio.

This is an account of the Sole Uve tasting.


Sole Uve is made 100% from the Grechetto grape, just one of the hundreds of native grapes found in Italy.  Sole Uve is a pure expression of Grechetto and this wine expresses the terroir of tufa rock, giving it a crisp minerality on the finish.

Many wine enthusiasts will instinctively want to compare this to a lightly oaked classic Chardonnay, both in terms of drinking qualities, age-worthiness and also with respect to what you can drink it with while dining.

They won’t be far off, but they’ll also be in for a pleasant surprise when tasting this native Italian grape.

Wine made from this variety is a little hard to find at the local wine and spirits store (in our case, the LCBO), but we’re in the business of making it more ubiquitous and hope the following notes might inspire everyone to try out a Grechetto wine the next time they’re at the store.

Noteworthy Wines is pleased to remind you that we have the 2011 vintage available for private order.  The review below covers the 2009 vintage.

For more background on Sole Uve, please visit the Sole Uve information page.


RM:  clear and transparent, medium yellow-gold core with a clear/watery rim.

BB:  clear, transparent medium intensity, buttery-yellow core fades to a watery rim.

SL:  clear appearance with a yellow core to clear rim.

Other notes:  Gold-white core to white rim.


RM:  A clean nose with youthful aromas of pear, apple, lemon, lightly herbal, earthy stem.

BB:  clean nose of stone fruits (peach, apricots), creamy corn, hay, nut and a hint of oak.  Slight grassy note.

SL:  clean bouquet, nose of apple & pear, hints of vanilla.

Other notes:  healthy nose of stone fruit (peach, white nectarine).  Very light oak, so hints of vanilla.   Hints of apple/pear, fennel and lemon balm can be identified.


RM:  dry taste (not sweet), crsip medium-high acidity, medium alcohol, hint of oak, low-medium finish, medium body, fairly complex.

BB:  A dry white wine with medium acidity, medium alcohol, moderate length.

SL:  clean finish with a hint of lemon.  Dry, medium acid, medium alcohol, very light oak, moderate finish, medium body, medium complexity.

Other notes:  A taste of Asian pear.  Dry to off-dry taste with a clean crisp acidity.  Medium-high alcohol and body.  Long finish.


RM:  Overall rating = 8/10.  Hint of spice with the finish, as well as a touch of stem and ginger.

BB:  Citrus flavours follow through, along with a modest peachy finish.  Balanced.

SL:  Overall rating = 8/10.  Ready to drink.

Other notes:  It has a consistent, integrated and complex structure, medium body and a long finish.   Sole Uve is a solid food wine.  It is lightly oaked, so it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, but it’s a true white powerhouse for a wide range of foods, including snacks, salads, grilled salmon, oysters, fish cakes, creamy & white-sauce pastas, most chicken and pork dishes.


Orders are currently being taken over the phone (as of June 25, 2012).  You can call 519-858-3765 or email us at bill@noteworthywines.ca.  Terms are 100% deposit and delivery will be approximately 6-8 weeks.


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