Supporting Local Charities and Non-Profits
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Supporting Local Charities and Non-Profits

Recently, we made a commitment to support three local charities and we’d like to share some of the details with you.

Bethany’s Hope

Bethany’s Hope is located in London, Ontario and is operated by David and Lindey McIntyre.  The charity focuses on generating funds for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy research.  More about this disease can be found here.

We met Lindey at a Christmas party a few months ago and she told us about the charity, the struggles that their family went through and we decided it would be a great honour to use our services and wine to help raise funds for this important charity.

On April 26 and 27, HGTV Chef and Host Michael Smith will be presenting a wide array of delicious dishes at the annual Bethany’s Hope ‘Chef Michael’s Kitchen Party’.  We will be donating wine for Michael Smith, his staff and the array of local chefs that will be cooking up a storm on Friday, April 26.

Also, we will donate a number of prize packages of wine, including gift certificates, which can be used towards the purchase of Noteworthy Wines’ products or services.

To purchase tickets for the event, click here or to make a donation to Bethany’s Hope, please click here.

Orchestra London

On May 15, we’ll take ‘centre stage’ with the rest of the organizing crew of Orchestra London at the Highlands Golf Course and present a number of wines to an audience of food & wine enthusiasts.

The ‘Sense-sational Gala’ was created to promote Orchestra London and reinforces the simple notion that the arts need our support, but the arts give so much back in return.

The evening includes a number of wine pairings recommended by Bill Wittur, partner and owner of Noteworthy Wines, based on musical and food recommendations for the evening.  The central themes are ‘Envy’, ‘Gluttony’ and ‘Lust’ and will include many unique gastronomic features that should not be missed.

Noteworthy Wines will also be donating a case of wine and our time (approximate retail value of $500) and will be partnering with The Springs Restaurant in London to generate a prize package that includes a food and wine experience for a private group.

The event is nearly sold out, but you can always try to get a ticket or two by contacting the Orchestra London box office.

Ryerson Public School ‘Spring Fling’

Every year, Ryerson Public School holds a ‘Spring Fling’ event and dinner designed to encourage parents to take a break and open their eyes to the wonderful efforts of all of the volunteers that bring our kids playground equipment, new books, computers and other educational products that make their elementary years more enjoyable and valuable.

This year, the focus of our donations will be on functional silent auction items, so we intend to organize an array of gift baskets that people can bid on.

Why We Do This

As a wine agency, we have access to wine products that others don’t and these products help generate donations, revenue and general interest in the causes that we’re trying to support.  As a new business, it’s a great privilege and honour to become an important part of these events.  These organizations tend to function primarily on the time and effort that passionate people provide and offering an array of unique ideas and products helps these organizations offer their community something fun and entertaining, while also reminding them of the seriousness related to underfunding of specific issues.  Obviously, we hope to do more in the future.

Bill Wittur
Owner & Partner
Noteworthy Wines


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