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Rosedale Diner Wine Listings & Pairings






Rosedale Diner is a mainstay on Yonge Street, just south of the train bridge at Summerhill Station in Toronto.

Since 1978, Dubi Filar and his family have been cranking out some of the best eats in Toronto, all at great prices.  They have even caught the attention of diner-gourmand and celebrity Guy Fieri, and many, many others.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that 8 – yes eight! – wines from our portfolio will be on Dubi’s wine list, including the following (with our picks from their menu):

  • Persuasion, from Arlene Dickinson – pair with Steak Frites
  • Grady’s Reserve Cabernet – try it with Sticky Asian Pork Ribs
  • Grady’s Chardonnay – a delight with the Baked Brie appetizer
  • Zantho’s Gruner Veltliner – delicious with Caesar Salad
  • Zantho’s Zweigelt (ask for ‘Zed-Zed’ or the ‘Austrian Red’!) – amazing with the Lamb Burger
  • Le Velette’s Rosso di Spicca – Moroccan Veggie Tagine
  • Berganorio (Orvieto Classico dry white) – outstanding with Calamari Picante
  • Thurn’s Sparkling Bianco – anything!

My mouth is watering just thinking about the options!  They say ‘Diner’ but they are really so much more when it comes to their cuisine and finesse with food.

We cherish and value customers like Dubi and his family who are willing to support us and show the world that not every wine menu has to be the same McWines time and again.

Please go to Rosedale Diner, try our wines and say hi to the family for us!

And … from one family and small business to another:  THANK YOU!!

Bill & Lisa Wittur
Noteworthy Wines
The Only Wine Agency Based in London, Ontario


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