Pre-Order Zantho’s St Laurent from the LCBO
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Pre-Order Zantho’s St Laurent from the LCBO

Zantho’s popular (and VERY tasty) St Laurent will be introduced to Vintages stores in Ontario starting May 11, 2013.

These are exciting times for us because we’re looking forward to seeing some of Zantho’s products hit the shelves of the LCBO and giving people a chance to buy by the bottle instead of by the case.

The list price will be just $14.95 and the product number is 577485.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the St Laurent will be delivered to your local LCBO, so it’s important that you contact your favourite local LCBO and ask the Vintages consultant to pre-order a couple of cases before March 28, 2013.  This is an important cut-off date, as it affects planning and ordering decisions throughout Ontario and the final distribution of the product.

To find an LCBO close to you, use this online locator:

On a technical note, we will no longer be able to present the 2010 St Laurent for private purchase after the May 11, 2013 release, so if you want some of this great, fun quality wine, please be sure to get your calls in this week or next.

Thank you very much!

Bill & Lisa
Noteworthy Wines
A Licensed LCBO Agency based in London, Ontario


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