Zantho Fine Wines

Zantho: Fine Wines From Burgenland, Austria


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The wines from Zantho are made in cooperation of Umathum Winery and Wolfgang Peck from Winzerkeller Andau in Austria. Josef Umathum is responsible for the quality management in the vineyards. Wolfgang Peck, Managing Director of Winzerkeller Andau, is responsible for the winemaking. Together they produce an exceptional vineyard and wine product, relying on indigenous Austrian grapes.

The Cellar

Zantho wines are made in the Winzerkeller Andau under the direction of Wolfgang Peck. During the last few years, about 7 million Euros have been invested in the quality standard, giving Zantho the opportunity to shape the winery into one of the most unique and modern in Austria. Each wine is monitored from the vine to the bottling and Zantho focuses on 100% traceability as a guarantee for the high quality of their wines.