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Product Currently Not Available In Ontario

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About The Wine

The Sparkling Bitter from Thurn is a fascinating new product from Austria that we know will get people talking about sparkling wine.

The colour is a bright orange / mandarin colour with a light fizz reminiscent of orange soda. On the nose, there are notes of perfume, orange rind, mandarin and hints of yeast. On the palate, there is a sense of bitterness paired with a wonderful mix of sweetness. The sensation might be described as being similar to eating sweet and sour Asian food. You should also expect a taste of orange rind coupled with a hint of woodinees.

What differentiates this product is its portability. This wine is popular with all kinds of clubs – from dance halls to golf clubs – because it is small, affordable and fun!

Food Pairings

Sparkling wines are gaining in popularity because they go with almost anything as far as food goes. Of course, the Sparkling Bitter is just fine on its own, but can be matched with foods with high salt content or that are fruity and light. Examples include salads with oil and citrus blends, some fish (including fried fish) and light desserts.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with this product because you don’t have to worry about wasting much. When products come in 200 mL sizes, you can toy with various creations and find the right spot for you.

Features Details
Vintage No vintage
Grape Varieties 90% Trebbiano, 10% Malvasia
Alcohol 6.1%
Sugar 92.2 g/L
Optimal Serving Temp 4° C (well chilled)
When to drink? Before 2015

Product Currently Not Available In Ontario

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