Sparkling Bianco

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About The Wine

The Sparkling Bianco from Thurn is a remarkably good sparkling wine … all in a single-portion size!

The colour is a light lemon with metallic silver-like notes. On the palate, the wine is dry and crisp with tastes of almonds, stone fruit and hints of toast. It has a long finish and very light, pleasant body.

What differentiates this product is its portability. This wine is popular with all kinds of clubs – from dance halls to golf clubs – because it is small, affordable and fun!

Food Pairings

Sparkling wines are gaining in popularity because they go with almost anything as far as food goes. Of course, the Bianco is just fine on its own.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy the Sparkling Bianco with foods as diverse as fried sweet potatoes, popcorn, grilled meats, spicy foods, chips, burgers, rich creamy dishes and even some sweet dishes like ice cream or gelato.

Features Details
Vintage No vintage
Grape Varieties Prosecco, Chardonnay, Verduzzo
Alcohol 10.5%
Sugar 0.0171 g/L
Optimal Serving Temp 4° C (well chilled)
When to drink? Before 2015

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