Rosso di Spicca: Rosso Orvietano D.O.C.

Pronounced “Row-So dee Spee-ka”

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About The Wine

Sangiovese and Caniolo grapes have been grown in Italy and Umbria for hundreds of years and as early as 1884, wine from Orvieto was recognized at a demonstration in Rome and received a prize for its quality.

Today, Le Velette continues to respect the reputation of these grapes and wine and has produced a glorious table wine that has an intense ruby red with purple tints, ripe cherry fruit nose combined with vanilla and a teasing hint of mint. As you taste this succulent wine, enjoy the medium-bodied fruit on your palate and enjoy the moderate tannins and harmonious balance.

Food Pairings

Le Velette’s Rosso marries particularly well with classic Orvieto and Tuscan dishes as well as with standard North American entrees. Examples include game typical of Orvieto gastronomy, tomato-based pasta dishes and grilled steak. We also recommend enjoying the Rosso with cream cheeses or goat’s cheese.

Recommended serving temperature: 18° C (66°F).

What’s in a Name?

The Le Velette Rosso borrows its name from the “Spicca” family who owned the farm where the grapes for this wine are now cultivated.

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Features Details
Vintage 2012
Grape Varieties Sangiovese (85%), Caniolo (15%)
Vineyard Age 6 to 25 years
Average Yield approx 7.5-8.5 tons / ha
Alcohol 13.0%
Residual Sugar 2.0 g/L
Acidity N.A.
Finish Hand-picked grapes. Fermentation in cement tanks at 25-26°C. Malolactic fermentation is applied. 4-6 months in oak barrels. Restored in cement tanks and bottled when ready for market.
Training System Cordone speronato
Soil Type Of volcanic origin, hilly, 280 – 330 metres above sea level, south-east and south-west facing
Optimal Serving Temp 18° C
When to drink? 2012-2016

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