Il Raggio: I.G.T. Umbria passito

Pronounced “Eel Rahj-jio”

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About The Wine

Le Velette’s Il Raggio is the sole sweet wine from their collection and it is now available in Ontario through private purchase.

This wine represents the complexity of the grape varieties used: Moscato, Sauvignon blanc and Viognier. The uniqueness of Le Velette’s soil characteristics and the patient work of the sun weave together to give grapes that are full, juicy and of rich extraction.

Tasting Notes

The colour of Il Raggio if gold with amber tints. On the nose, flavours of dried fruit, jam, ripe apricots and candied orange alternate with hints of honey, almond and light vanilla notes. On the palate, Il Raggio is enveloping, round and full, with a subtle flavour that balances its sweetness and enhances the olfactory sensations.

Food Pairing

Il Raggio goes well with dried fruit, dry and stuffed desserts, puddings and almond sweets. It is also excellent with soft cheeses and marbled cheeses like gorgonzola.

This wine is pure post-dinner meditation material.

Serve cold.

About the Name

Il Raggio is Italian for ‘ray’, as in the ray of the sun, the force of nature which these grapes harness for your pleasure.

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Features Details
Vintage 2010
Grape Varieties Moscato (40%),Sauvignon Blanc (40%), Viogner (20%)
Vineyard Age from 12 to 20 years
Average Yield 15 hectolitres per hectare
Alcohol N.A.
Residual Sugar N.A.
Acidity N.A.
Finish After harvest, the grapes are allowed to dry in the ‘passito’ manner, where they wither naturally under the sun and the juices become more concentrated. Slow stainless steel fermentation (30 days+) is arrested by refrigeration when alcohol reaches 12%. Matured in oak barrels for 6+ months and stored in bottles for a minimum 6 months.
Training System Cordone speronato
Soil Type Of volcanic origin, hilly, 220 metres above sea level, south-west and south-east facing
Optimal Serving Temp 8-10°C
When to drink? 2012+

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