Gaudio: I.G.T. Umbria Merlot

Pronounced “GOW-dee-oh”

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100% Merlot

Gaudio is a red wine made from the Merlot grape (100%).

Merlot is a recent addition to the fields of Italy, and its appearance has caused quite a stir over the last few years.

Tasting Notes

Gaudio is a wine with body and depth and is intriguing.

It is a rich intense ruby red and it opens in the glass in a full aromatic bouquet with hints that range from cherry to blackberry, from cocoa to tobacco to leather. On the palate it is full and enveloping, with a good balance between tannins and smoothness, opening out to a fresh mintiness.

Food Pairing

Gaudio marries deliciously with roast beef and lamb and goes generally well with more substantial entrees. It is also excellent with mature cheeses or can be enjoyed on its own.

About the Name

Gaudio translates loosely to ‘joy’ or ‘pleasure’ in English and reflects the pleasure in a job well done that the winemakers with Le Velette hope to take to the best tables in the world.

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Features Details
Vintage 2010
Grape Varieties 100% Merlot
Vineyard Age from 10 to 21 years
Average Yield 5-6 tons per hectare
Alcohol 13.5%
Residual Sugar 2.5 g/L
Acidity N.A.
Finish Hand harvested. Fermented in traditional cement tanks. Malolactic fermentation is applied. Aged in French and American oak. Bottled roughly 2 years after harvest.
Training System Cordone speronato
Soil Type Of volcanic origin, hilly, 300 metres above sea level, south-west facing/td>
Optimal Serving Temp 14-18°C
When to drink? 2012-2018

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