Accordo: I.G.T. Umbria Sangiovese

Pronounced “A-kord-O”

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About The Wine

Sangiovese is an exciting grape because it offers great challenge and even greater reward to the skilled growers and wine producers.

Le Velette has certainly mastered this balance and has produced a 100% Sangiovese wine that illustrates the characteristic high acidity of the grapes, astringency associated with the tannins and full fruit; all of which contribute to the strength, depth and longevity of this wine.

Le Velette’s Accordo has a ruby red colour with moderate pomegranate tints. On the nose, it has flavours of cherry and plum, blended with sweet hints of cocoa and licorice. On the palate, this wine has a light acidic freshness that backs up energetic tannins. Overall, the wine is balanced and smooth in it finish.

Food Pairings

Le Velette’s Accordo marries particularly well with the rustic dishes typical of the Umbrian tradition: vegetable soups, roast meat, game, cooked meats and matured cheeses. In North America, this wine can be enjoyed with most red-meat meals, including roasts, steaks and grilled foods.

Recommended serving temperature: 18° C (66°F).

What’s in a Name?

‘Accordo’ is in reference to the harmonic playing of notes in music, much like the wine balances tannins, acids, sugar for immediate enjoying or aging potential.

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Features Details
Vintage 2009
Grape Varieties 100% Sangiovese
Vineyard Age 9 to 15 years
Average Yield approx 5-6 tons / ha
Alcohol N.A.
Residual Sugar N.A.
Acidity N.A.
Finish Hand-picked grapes. Fermentation in cement tanks at 27°C for 8-10 days and additional maceration for 15-20 days. Malolactic fermentation is applied. The wine is stored in barriques for 8-12 months and when the tannins are rounded and the sharpness reaches equilibrium, it is ready for market.
Training System Cordone speronato
Soil Type Of volcanic origin, hilly, 280 metres above sea level, south-east and south-west facing
Optimal Serving Temp 18° C
When to drink? 2012-2016

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Great Every Day Wine

Oct 02, 2012 by Lisa

A great every day wine, with or without food and any season!

4.0 4.0 1 1 A great every day wine, with or without food and any season! Accordo