Grady Family Vineyards: Quality Wine From Lodi, California

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The Grady Family planted their first vineyard in 1998 on a 50 acre parcel approximately 3 miles west / southwest of downtown Lodi, California. Evening Delta breezes cool the area during our warm summers producing fully ripened wine grapes known for their balanced tannin structures, fruitiness and ample acidity.

The vineyard is managed by Jim Grady III, a Fresno State viticulture graduate. Wine making started in 2001. After several successful vintages and a Silver medal at the California State Fair, the family decided to begin commercial production. In the spring of 2008, Grady Family Vineyards began distributing their wines throughout the United States, winning medals and accolades as they introduce new products.

To find out more about the array of wines produced by Grady Family Vineyards, please visit the Grady Wines Details Page.