If you’ve got a ‘$20 rule’ when it comes to getting your wine, break it and spend $38 per bottle with this exceptional Merlot-Cab from Dragon’s Den venture capitalist and entrepreneur Arlene Dickinson and her ‘Persuasion’ wine.

The Story Behind Persuasion

Arlene Dickinson Persuasion Wine

Many people ask about how Persuasion came to be.  Contrary to what they expect, Persuasion is not the result of a ‘pitch’ with Dragon’s Den.  Instead, the wine reflects Arlene Dickinson’s passion for a quality wine that bridges the gap between Old and New World wine styles.

The most important step in the process was finding a unique / boutique supplier, preferably with Canadian roots.  Thomas-George Estates of Russian River Valley AVA in California was a perfect match.  Thomas Baker grew up in Ottawa, cut his legal teeth in the busy Toronto market and eventually ‘retiring’ to the winemaking business with his son and a small crew of winemaking professionals.

Persuasion is a rare Merlot-Cab from this region of California.  The climate and soil structure is perfect for gorgeous Merlot (from Chalk Hill AVA) and Cabernet Sauvignon (from Russian River AVA).  The blend is a perfect bridge between ‘Old World’ (ie. European) and ‘New World’ (ie. California) wine styles and making.

Persuasion exudes reverence for both Old and New by rewarding enthusiasts with a classic, earthy but fruity dry wine that has body and structure that reminds us it’s from California.

If you’re thirsty for more about how Persuasion came to be, Arlene Dickinson gives more context in this article how she started down the path of being involved in the wine business.

In a fitting tribute to her experience with the popular show ‘Dragon’s Den’, the Merlot-Cab blend is called the ‘Dragon’s Blend‘.

Tasting Notes & Food Pairing

Merlot from California has enjoyed a rebound of late, and because Persuasion is Merlot-dominant, the initial nose is a blast of fruit, including blueberry, black cherry, plum and purple flowers.   However, Persuasion also seduces with classic Cab notes, especially savoury touches of nutmeg, cooking spice, cashmere and oak.  The structure of the wine lends itself to what we call a ‘Full House':  big, broad and juicy for ‘top notes’ and brooding, dark and structured notes from the Cab.  The result is a wine that can be enjoyed now – once decanted – but that will also age extremely gracefully for decades to come.

Here’s how Toronto’s expert sommelier and wine consultant Zoltan Szabo describes Persuasion:

Deep purple colour; aromas of black cherry, cassis, nutmeg, black truffle, rosemary, sandalwood and purple flowers; full and succulent with plenty of savoury fruit and spicy, expensive oak notes, cashmere – soft tannins and cardamom accent on the lingering finish; delicious; carnivores take note, an ideal steakhouse red, especially with a rare – roasted T – bone; throws a bit of sediment (that’s a good sign and indication of not much filtration, decant and also let aerate properly).

Other food options include any meat up to big cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and Holiday Feasts.  If you don’t want to go all out, a nice ripe cheese or charcuterie plate will pair perfectly with Persuasion.

Buy Some Today …

The price of Persuasion is $38 per bottle, including all taxes, for a total of $456 per case.  Shipping charges are extra.

Because only a limited volume of Persuasion is available, it is NOT available at the LCBO.  It is only available through Noteworthy Wines and various restaurants that carry premium wine.

To purchase Arlene Dickinson’s ‘Persuasion’ Dragon’s Blend, please contact us immediately:  email bill@noteworthywines.ca or call us at 1-844-4GR8-WINE (1-844-447-8946).