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Ontario’s Newest DVA?

It must be the Mumford Effect.

A couple of weeks ago, the new best-selling band Mumford and Sons played a gig in Simcoe, in Norfolk County.  Their ‘Gentleman of the Road’ tour had a limited number of engagements and Canada’s Norfolk area was one of the sole beneficiaries of this tour.

Most people aren’t familiar with Norfolk Country.  It’s the home to the somewhat regular ‘Friday the 13th’ motorcycle drop-in (Port Dover) and some of the best beaches in the world (Long Point, Turkey Point).

With fingers crossed, we’re hoping that it will soon be home to one of Canada’s newest DVAs, or Designated Viticulture Areas.

Welcome to the South West Coast of Ontario.

Bill Wittur
Noteworthy Wines
A London, Ontario Licensed LCBO Agency


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