New Supplier:  Grady Family Vineyards
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New Supplier: Grady Family Vineyards

Many people ask about the process of finding suppliers.

With Le Velette, it was a relationship developed by good friends of ours.

With Zantho, it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

With Grady, it was our first real effort driven by research and a need to ‘fill a hole’ in our wine portfolio.

We needed three things with at least one new supplier:

  • They produce wine from California, preferably the Lodi Region of the Central Valley (we’ll post more about this location later)
  • Big, full-bodied reds as a focal point
  • Affordable prices for quality wine
  • A reasonable time-frame for delivery

Lisa and I happened across Grady when we were exploring the idea of going to the great wine tasting event that takes place every spring in Boston.

Grady, along with a number of other suppliers, was attending the event as part of a larger Lodi group.

While we never went to the event (we will next year!), we did reach out to Jim and Beth Grady and after a LOT of LCBO paperwork and other mechanics, we agreed to move forward and we have the great privilege of representing them in Ontario.

They filled all requirements.  All of the Grady products are now available in Ontario for either $22 or $25 per bottle.  Licensee prices are also available.  Delivery timing is just a matter of several business days instead of weeks.

And the quality?  It’s through the roof!

We look forward to tasting the wines of Grady Family Vineyard with all of you and are available any time for private functions or to supply your events with these fabulous products.

To place an order, simply call us at 519-914-1204 or email



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