New Places to Buy Noteworthy Wines
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New Places to Buy Noteworthy Wines

The last few months have been spectacularly busy for us, but we’ve still managed to add a few more restaurants and clubs to our list of buyers.

With many thanks, we would like to encourage all of our fans to find Noteworthy Wines at the following locations:

  • Aroma, London,
  • Highland Country Club, London
  • Westover Inn, St Mary’s
  • Waltzing Weasel, London
  • The York Club, Toronto

Join us in celebrating these and more exciting new locations where you can purchase Noteworthy Wines.

For a full listing, visit our complete Restaurant Listings Page.

If you have a location that you’d like to recommend, please contact us.

Of course, if you connect with a local restaurant owner or event manager and they purchase more than 5 cases of wine, you might be eligible to receive a case of wine for yourself as a show of our appreciation!


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