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New Noteworthy Wines Suppliers from Italy

More Than 50 Potential Products!

free handshake iconOver the last few weeks, our partners have been organizing a number of agreements with new suppliers and we’re finally ready to at least disclose the names of these suppliers.

Our partners did a substantial amount of homework in researching, interviewing and selecting the following suppliers.  The starting point was Italy’s prestigious ‘Gambero Rosso’, the organization that reviews and rates all Italian red wines and other wine products.  We decided that it was important to have quality producers as our partners and only the best from this prize category were suitable for our tastes as well as the taste of Ontario wine enthusiasts.

Once we had a short-list, we met them and spoke with them about their product and history.  From there, an even shorter list was finalized to the following three producers:

  • Monte Schiavo:  http://www.monteschiavo.com/en/.  This is a great value wine producer from the Marche region.  We expect a number of products below the $10 range.
  • Villa Venti:  www.villaventi.it.  This is a small boutique producer that has a 100% organic 3 Glass winner from Gambero Rosso.  Their product is 100% Sangiovese and will be listed for less than $20.
  • Coffele:  http://www.coffele.it/.  Coffele presents a gold standard for a number of classic Veneto products, including Prosecco, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Saove and Amarone products.

Samples will be arriving in November and we strongly encourage you to book a tasting today!

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