Monforte Cheese And Wine Pairings, Part II
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Monforte Cheese And Wine Pairings, Part II

Red Wine Tasting And Cheese Pairing

I recently reviewed a number of our white wine products with Monforte Dairy’s cheeses and today, I’ll review several reds.

What is pleasantly surprising is that Ruth and Daniel found a match for all three of the reds, including the full-flavoured Accordo.

What follows is a quick summary of their observations and tasting notes.

Wine And Cheese Pairing Chart

Wine True Blue Gaperon Tellegio
Cheese Description

A hard yet crumbly blue cheese made from water buffalo milk

A soft cheese made with aged cow’s milk

A soft cheese from aged cow’s milk

Rosso di Spicca checkmark icon noteworthy wines

Ruth’s Pick!

checkmark icon noteworthy wines

St Laurent checkmark icon noteworthy wines

Ruth’s Pick!

Accordo checkmark icon noteworthy wines

Ruth’s Pick

Summary of Tasting

Finding cheese matches to red wine is a difficult task with the best of circumstances, so I’m glad that I had the willing participation and expertise of Ruth and her son Daniel.

All three of the wines listed above have distinct and pronounced tasting features and I’m very pleased that we were able to find a cheese companion for all three.

The friendliness of the Rosso di Spicca, combined with its relaxed, yet present acidity, made the Gaperon the best choice.  Similarly, the Tellegio – a rich and creamy cheese – was a perfect partner for the St Laurent, a wine which is tart and acidic.

Accordo was the one I was worried about.  It’s 100% Sangiovese and has a lot of pronounced oak flavours of chocolate and cedar. However, when Daniel brought out the ‘True Blue’, a blue cheese named as such to remind them of a dear friend, I was delighted with the results and couldn’t get enough!


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