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Leftover Libations

What wines to match with holiday leftovers?

What To Match With Leftovers?

For many, the holiday season may still be in full swing, but there are lots of us out there who are now dealing with the leftovers.

Truth be told, holiday leftovers don’t last long in this house, but that’s only because we’re big fans of the ‘second time around’ options that you get with meals anchored by meats like turkey, roast or pork.

And now that the guests have gone (or maybe not if you’ve been too good a host!), you can experiment a little with traditional dishes, bake up some freezer items for weeks worth of good meals and save a little time in the kitchen as a result of both.

But the question remains:  what are the best wine pairings with leftovers?

To be relevant, we have to think in terms of holiday ‘anchors’, those protein-based dishes that fill most plates around this time of year:

  • Turkey (or versions related to it like duck or roast chicken)
  • Beef (usually large pot roasts, but sometimes also rib roasts or tenderloins)
  • Pork (aka the big giant honey glazed ham, shined to perfection)
  • Veggies & salads
  • Cheese bits, usually too small to ‘re-use’ at the next gathering
  • Loads of treats, like chocolates and cookies

Phew!  That’s a LOT of food and the great challenge is writing a short article about all the combinations.

Don’t worry.  I’m too lazy to do that, so I’ll cut to the chase and ask you to keep some simple rules in mind:

Meal Example Wine Recommendation
Rich red meat Roast beef sandwich with mushroom gravy Cab Sauv
Pork Sweet and sour pork with pineapple & green pepper Zinfandel
Turkey Turkey Pot Pie, with cream & veggies Chardonnay
Veggies & butter Veggie stir-fry with noodles Sauvignon Blanc
Savoury treats Gingerbread cookies Muscat Ottonel or Le Velette’s ‘Il Raggio’ (a sweet Muscat)
Sweet treats Dark chocolate Petite Sirah
Cheese bits Those bits that are too small for a sandwich, but too big to toss out, along with some strawberries A nice, inexpensive sparkling wine, a Sauv Blanc or some Pinot Noir (anything with lots of acidity)!

Whatever you do, just try to keep experimenting with new dishes and ways to enjoy them with wine!

And try not to overdo it all in one sitting ;)

Wishing you all the best in 2014,
Bill & Lisa Wittur
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