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LCBO Strike Plan

As many of you know, our business is based on bringing quality wine at value prices to Ontario wine enthusiasts.

Entering the murky world of politics was NOT our intention when we launched Noteworthy Wines.

However, because we’re dealing with the LCBO, this seems unavoidable.  With that in mind, we’ll wade in as cautiously as possible, knowing that there are all kinds of dangers lurking in the depths of political commentary.

Many of you may have heard this news, but we’ll repeat that it is entirely possible that at the end of March (ie. within a couple of days), the LCBO union will go on strike.

Generally, we do not favour a strike and we feel that all parties involved – our government, the LCBO union and wine enthusiasts – need to find a way to encourage a rapid and positive resolution for all involved.

Of course, if a strike happens, it happens.

We at Noteworthy Wines will do our best to survive the strike and expand on our contingency plan as issues arise.

For starters, we have a VERY limited supply of wine, as the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario (or AGCO, the regulatory body that controls our operating license) does not allow us to hold inventory.

As a result, current orders will most likely be delayed as inventory in transit or held by the LCBO will not be accessible if there is a strike.

Next, we will be able to bridge the supply gap somewhat by leveraging our partnership with an Ontario-based wine producer. They produce wonderful Chardonnays and fabulous, tasty red blends, so we’ll be happy to represent their wines for the duration of the strike.  We will also do our best to finalize relations with BC suppliers and other prospects to expand our domestic supply opportunities.

Finally, any wine we have on hand will be used for trade shows and tasting events.  We have made substantial financial commitments to these shows and we need every drop we can get to support our suppliers.

In summary, as a new, small business, we are concerned.  We ask all interested parties to contact your MPP or union office and ask that the current government and union find a quick resolution to the issues at hand.  Again, we’re reluctant to offer a position, but NOT having a strike is a situation we favour.

If the worse happens, we apologize for any delays or inconvenience that the strike causes with respect to delivery of our product.

Bill & Lisa
Noteworthy Wines

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  1. woodall, March 27, 2013
    Hi Bill and Lisa, I have read your notice and I feel obligated to inform you that there is no possible way that our union will strike by the end of March. We have just temporarily left the bargaining table to hold a strike vote. It does not mean we will strike; it is an affirmation that our members stand behind our Bargaining Team. Our Bargaining Team will be back at the table on April 10th. We do not bargain strikes, we only bargain for a good collective agreement.
    • BillWittur, March 27, 2013
      That's good to hear! Thank you for the feedback. As mentioned in the post, we favour the 'no strike' option, as I'm sure most people do. Please also note that the real intent of the blog post was to calm any concerns our clients have about the situation (assuming there is one) and your feedback helps with this greatly.

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