Intervin Listings
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Intervin Listings

We’re excited about next week’s Toronto Wine and Food Show where you can find us under the Austrian ‘banner’ promoting Zantho’s wines. For the record, we’ll have the Intervin award-winning St Laurent and also the Sauvignon Blanc. If a shipment comes in, we’ll also have the Gruner white wine, Austria’s most popular white wine.

Of course, we’ll also be mentioning Le Velette’s ‘Gaudio‘ and ‘Calanco‘ products, both silver-medal winners at Intervin’s wine awards.  We’re proud of these accolades, as the Gaudio was submitted to the ubiquitous ‘Merlot’ category and the Calanco was competing in the even more extensive ‘Red Blend’ category.

If you’d like to read about these wines, visit their pages on the Noteworthy Wines web site, pick up a copy of today’s National Post or simply go to Intervin’s online listing of this year’s award winners.

To place an order for any of these wines or our other products, please call Bill at 519-914-1204, email us (bill AT noteworthywines DOT ca) or visit our ordering page.




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