Holiday Planning in September?
Holiday Planning in September?

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Holiday Planning in September?

Argh!  The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner!

We know it’s painful to start talking about the holidays and the Christmas season already, but we’re encouraging all of you to think and plan in advance and get your orders in today before it’s too late!

When we say ‘holiday planning’, here are some of the things we have in mind:

  • Gift giving:  we have dozens of affordable products that you can order in advance and give away as holiday gifts for your favourite teachers, friends, family members and work associates
  • Work tasting parties:  nothing says ‘Thank you’ to your employees and associates like an evening of tasting.  For larger events, everything is subject to availability, budget and our schedule (and things are booking up fast, so reserve your times today!)
  • Special occasions:  when you plan ahead, you’re proving that you’re thoughtful and considerate
  • Gift certificates:  not sure what to get?  We now offer gift certificates for you and your loved ones.  They can buy what they like after the holidays and enjoy your thoughtful and considerate gifts long after the holiday rush is over.
  • Restaurant parties & events:  bulk orders are going out more frequently over the 8 weeks as we gear up for the holidays.  If you’re an event manager, hotel operator, restaurant owner or planner and you want to avoid the big chunky lines in the early winter months, give us a shout and we’ll help you fill all of your wine needs.

Join the Challenge!

Add your thoughts below about ways in which you share wine or other products over the holidays.

A Reminder …

We’ll repeat this reminder often:  please drink responsibly at ALL times, including the holidays.

It only takes a second to change many lives forever.


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