Gruner:  The “It” White Wine
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Gruner: The “It” White Wine

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who are excited about Gruner.

The New York Times has identified that Gruner Veltliner, the popular white grape from Austria,is now poised to be even more popular as people discover it’s amazing taste and food-pairing capabilities.

The good news for us is that Zantho’s Gruner Veltliner is one of the most approachable Gruners on the market.  This wine is light and crispy, with a wonderful fresh vitality that you’d expect with a grape grown in a colder climate.

What makes Zantho’s Gruner unique (along with all of their other wines) is that the grapes are grown in the more moderate climate of the Burgenland region as opposed to the relatively unforgiving climate of Western Austria.  This allows for more implicit sweetness, which is important because ‘traditional’ Gruners can be very spicy.

It’s that last feature that most North Americans don’t enjoy, putting Zantho’s Gruner in good stead when trying to find an appropriate food match for their wine.

And what would that be?  Picture any food that has some element of richness or fattiness.  This Gruner cuts through that much like pickled ginger helps cleanse the palette in between bits of sushi.  Schnitzel – the classic German / Austrian dish – is a perfect match, along with other foods like french fries, sausage, sauerkraut.  In Canada, enjoy a Gruner with white fish or calamari, a nice fresh summer salad or even on its own as a ‘summer sipper’.


This wine can be purchased privately through Noteworthy Wines.  You can also ask for it at the LCBO, but they won’t have it.  Yet ;)

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