Grady Tasting Notes – Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
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Grady Tasting Notes – Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

We were reviewing some past entries and realized that it’s been a while since we’ve reviewed products.

It’s time to pick things up again!

With the introduction of Grady Family Vineyards to our roster, we’d like to get back into that habit and start with the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  We’re also going to try to focus on the tasting standards used by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), a program that Bill Wittur, one of the owners of Noteworthy Wines is involved with as a Diploma student.

Grady Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Basic Notes

The Reserve Cab is a 2009 vintage aged for 16 months in French oak before being bottled.

The Ontario retail price is $25 per bottles or $300 per case.  Discounts are applied for orders exceeding 5 cases.

Colour & Appearance

In the glass, the Reserve Cab has a ruby colour and it’s relatively transparent.  Legs are apparent, but are thin.


The nose of the Reserve Cab is delicate compared to most Cab Sauvs from this region (Lodi, California).

That said, I picked up hints of blackberry, cigar box, oak and light hints of what I’d describe as cream soda (ie. perfumed or powdered sugar).

Tasting Notes

This is a solid medium-bodied Cab and it’s a fabulous food match.

This wine tips towards the medium bodied scale compared to some bigger reds, but this also gives it the opportunity to demonstrate what a real artisan Cabernet Sauvignon tastes like.  The taste offers juicy and bright cherry notes (with a touch of black cherry flavour), oak, hints of anise, vanilla and plum.  The overall mouth feel is luscious with elegant tannins.

Here are some of the tasting details:

  • Body – medium
  • Alcohol – medium
  • Sugar – medium
  • Acid – medium
  • Tannins – moderate
  • Length & Finish – long finish, offering continuous fruit and vitality throughout
  • Structure – this is a well balanced wine, with fruit, body, acidity and finish all working together

This is a unique Cab Sauv experience because it defies the trend to be too much in a glass of wine and offers a complex yet extremely food-friendly product.

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  1. jbaptist, September 29, 2013
    We ordered a few cases of this wine for a family gathering and were thrilled! It's rich and drinkable both with food and on its own. A good value for a full bodied California red. Working with Noteworthy was great- we did a tasting to choose the wines for our event and loved serving something that our guests hadn't experience yet. Thanks!

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