Grady Tasting Notes – Petite Syrah (2010)
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Grady Tasting Notes – Petite Syrah (2010)

Welcome to Part II of our series of reviews of the Grady Family Vineyard’s collection of wines.

Today we review the 2010 Petite Syrah.

A Petite Grape.  A Not-So-Petite Taste.

First question:  most of us don’t know what Petite Syrah is.

This grape is also known as Durif, after the French botanist Francois Durif.

The grape is a cross of Syrah and a relatively unknown grape called Peloursin.  The grapes were cross-pollinated in an effort to develop a grape that was less susceptible to an issue called Powdery Mildew, which basically attacks the leaves and then grapes as they grow.

What’s important for wine enthusiasts is that the Petite Syrah (or Sirah) grape is smaller, resulting in more skin to pulp in a standard mature grape.  The basic result is more colour, tannins and flavour compared to bigger grapes.

Grady 2010 Petite Syrah Tasting Notes

Basic Notes

The Petite Syrah is a 2009 vintage aged for 15 months in French oak before being bottled.

The Ontario retail price is $25 per bottles or $300 per case. Discounts are applied for orders exceeding 5 cases.  Discounts are also available for licensees and venue owners.

Please note:  Grady’s Petite Syrah has consistently been voted the Best Petite Syrah from Lodi, California.  Because of this, the quantity is extremely limited!

Colour & Appearance

In the glass, the Petite Syrah shows a deep purple colour, with a hint of fuchsia at the rim.  These are warm climate grapes, so the legs show considerable viscosity.

The nose of the Petite Syrah offers a beautiful and delicious blend of jammy ripe cherry, black fruit, vanilla and cocoa.  This is typical for wines made from this grape from this region (Lodi, California).

Tasting Notes

The mouth-feel of this wine is luscious, dense and full-bodied, but without the cloying taste that many other wines in the same category offer.  This Petite Syrah offers flavours of blackberry, dark plum and black cherry with vanilla and a hint of pepper on the finish.

This is an exceptionally well structured wine, with a sense of silkiness, balanced acid and tannins and a LONG finish.

Here are some of the tasting details:

Body – Full
Alcohol – medium (+)
Sugar – medium (+)
Acid – medium (-)
Tannins – moderate
Length & Finish – long finish, offering continuous fruit with a long finish
Structure – this is a well balanced wine, with fruit, body, acidity and finish all working together


As mentioned, Vic Harradine of Wine Current agrees!  Here are his tasting notes:
Vic Harradine Wine Current Grady 2010 Petite Syrah Review

As always, you can order this wine directly from Noteworthy Wines by emailing or by calling 519-914-1204.

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