Since starting our business, we’ve met a lot of great people who are genuinely interested in our business and, more importantly, the world of wine and how we can bring it to them more efficiently.

Of course, most questions we get from customers and potential clients revolve around the process of buying wine privately, as many of them have only dealt with the LCBO in the past.

We’ve boiled it down to 4 easy steps.

Step 1:  Try the Wine!

wine evaluation try the wineI don’t know about you, but I’ve walked into the LCBO many times not having a clue what to look for or buy.  Some of the ‘cues’ they use are related to advertising expense:  loyalty points, aisle-end placement, call-outs from reviewers and even basic giveaways with the bottles.

(For the record, we don’t use any of those gimmicks because we’re focused on keeping the price low).

But in most cases, you still don’t get a chance to actually try the wine when it’s something new.

With Noteworthy Wines, you’re able to try the wine before you buy it if you have any doubt about what you’re getting.  Right now, we’re focused on organizing sampling groups in London and through the ‘corridor’ from London to Toronto.

If you’re in that area and you’d like to try our product, visit our ‘Book A Tasting’ page and fill out the basic detail requested.

Otherwise, you can look for us at specific locations and sample products when we make appearances with larger groups, like we did with Riverbend last week at their wildly successful Blues & Wine event.  To track where we are, we usually make brief announcements via Twitter (@noteworthywines), so follow us to find us!

You save money when you only buy wine you like!

Step 2:  Buy The Wine!

buy wine online shopping cart LCBOOnce you find what you like, you can buy wine from Noteworthy Wines by either placing an order online (we are one of the few companies to offer this service), calling us (519-914-1204) or emailing (bill AT noteworthywine DOT ca) us the details.

You save time when you avoid long line-ups and battles for parking spots!

Payment is easy:  we require payment up-front and you can make a payment either through PayPal, Interac online or by paying us using cash or a cheque.  At the moment, we do not take credit card directly.

Unlike other wine-buying clubs, there are no membership fees and you can split wine you buy amongst family, friends or co-workers.

The only requirement is that you have to buy a full case per product per order.

Why Do I Have to Buy A Full Case?  We wish it were different, but the LCBO prohibits us from selling you single bottles.  In time, this may change, but until that happens, if you don’t want a full case or want more than one product, consider splitting a case or two with a friend or family members.

Step 3:  Enjoy the Wine!

Celebrate wine icon ontario lcboPlacing an order with us is easy.  The waiting is the hard part (it takes about 8-10 weeks), but it’s well worth it!

If you’re in London, you save effort when we deliver to your door!

Why does it take so long?  We like to order your wine straight from the supplier, but we don’t keep an inventory as it drives up our costs.  When you place an order with us, we place it with the supplier and the delivery process is kicked into gear.  The most efficient and protective way to deliver wine is via surface in cool container.  This ensure that the sun and other elements don’t harm your purchase.

The simple request from us is that you plan in advance.

Step 4:  Share the Wine & Order Again!

When you enjoy the wine, share it with friends, talk about our business and how unique the wine is and most of all, encourage your friends and family to give us a try.  As our volume picks up, so too does the speed at which we can deliver wine to you.


Of course, when you share comments and link to our various social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus), you also become eligible to win products and services from Noteworthy Wines!


We look forward to talking with you.  If you call us (519-914-1204) or email us (bill AT noteworthywines DOT ca), we’ll respond as quickly as possible.