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April Tasting Show Summary

We were part of three big events in April and we look forward to more activity in the coming months.

The past few weekends have been a little intense for us, as we attended a number of food and wine shows to promote our brand and our suppliers.

The feedback has been incredibly positive and we will continue with this approach in 2014.

Toronto Food & Drink Fest

This was a last-minute addition to our roster for Spring 2013, but it was well worth the effort.  We had a great corner booth at the Direct Energy Centre for the weekend of April 5-7 and Mark, Debi and myself managed to pour about 15 cases worth of samples.

This show used to have a presence up near the Toronto airport, but the venue was moved and it seemed like many of the original vendors weren’t aware of that change in plans.  The final sizing of the show floor seemed much smaller than previous shows, but this actually worked to our benefit, as we saw a number of people visit our booth over and over again.

The main highlights of the event?  We used our credit processing terminal on the spot many times and booked many orders for product, we met a LOT of really interested and exciting people, including Bryan and Steve from WineAlign, and we had a chance to catch up with some old friends.

Hamilton Wine & Food

We had planned on working the Hamilton show for some time and, like Toronto, we met a lot of great wine enthusiasts and licensees from the area.  We still managed to sell several cases after the fact and got some solid leads.

However, given the basic economics of this show, we’ll likely turn to other creative ways to introduce our name and product to the Hamilton market.

The good news about the show is that we learned what to look for when committing to a show.  The cost of the booth plus the revenue split on tickets has to be equitable and ensure that all people who attend aren’t faced with inflated prices or incidental costs.

The other thing is that there are far too many shows we have as options, from small and intimate local events to significant ‘extravaganzas’, so we don’t feel a lot of pressure to sign on before we’re offered what we feel is a fair shake.

What’s Your Favourite Event?

Now’s your chance for you to help us.  We’re always open to unique ways to promote ourselves and our suppliers and certain tasting events have proven to be very profitable for us, in many different ways.

With that in mind, are you organizing or attending shows over the summer that you think we might be interested in?  If yes, please shout out to us and post a comment below or give us a call:  519-914-1204.

Bill Wittur
Noteworthy Wines
London Ontario Wine Agency


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