Add Some Sparkle To Your Life With Thurn
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Add Some Sparkle To Your Life With Thurn

We excited to announce that we have a new supplier from Austria called Thurn & Taxis.

This producer is delivering an exceptionally unique product for the Ontario market:  sparkling wine in single-serve can sizes.

They have two products:  Sparkling Bianco (or white) and Sparkling Bitter.

Both are available as special order products from Noteworthy Wines and both can be ordered in mixed trays of 24 or on their own.

The cost per case is just $120.

Details of each product are listed on the Thurn Product Page of Noteworthy Wines. Visit our pricing page for additional pricing and volume details.

When Would I Drink Sparkling Wine?

The market opportunities for this kind of a product are enormous.  We feel the Thurn Sparkling wine is ideal for a number of occasions, including celebrations like birthday parties, retirement gatherings, promotions, weddings, calendar events like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and so on.

However, given the price (ie. just $5.00 per can), they’re also ideal for activities like golfing, social events, parties, dance clubs, golf clubs and anywhere else that you might have normally had just a sweet cooler as an option.

Any time you drink a carbonated product, these Sparkling wines become a realistic option.

Ideal for Licensees

If you’re a restaurant owner, the appeal for these drinks is enormous.

Many occasions come and go when your patrons order up a glass or two of Champagne, but the frequency is so low that you wind up having to over-charge for premium product simply because you can’t sell by the bottle and you can’t use it for other patrons.

Other bottled sparkling products offer a moderate alternative, but the reality is that most sparkling wines come in sizes that are too large for your average, every day celebration, so Sparkling Bianco offers a great opportunity.

To place an order, please call 519-914-1204 or email

We look forward to adding a little ‘sparkle’ to your day!



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