Introducing the $5+$5 Wine Referral Program
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Introducing the $5+$5 Wine Referral Program

We want YOU to get wine.


Introducing the $5 + $5 Wine Referral Program

We at Noteworthy Wines are very excited about this new promotion and think it’ll be a great way for everyone to kick 2013 into high gear!

Every time you refer someone and they commit to buying a case of wine, you get $5 towards the next purchase of your own case of wine.  The person you refer ALSO gets $5 off per case of wine that they order.

There are no limits:  if you refer 20 people of 10 people buy 2- cases each, you’ll get $100 off your next case of wine.  People you refer only get $5 for every case and they can’t accumulate referral bonuses.

The basic parameters are pretty simple:  as you help us promote Noteworthy Wines and get your friends and family to buy wine, you get free wine.

Here are some more details:

  • You must register with Noteworthy Wines.
  • Restaurant owners, licensees, wedding planners, caterers and so on are ALL eligible to receive wine according to this program
  • Orders are subject to available inventory and suppliers that Noteworthy Wines represents.
  • Promotion is available to Ontario residents only or people that purchase Noteworthy Wines using an Ontario delivery address.
  • Delivery is free from central Toronto to London, Ontario (where we’re based).  Other deliveries may be subject to a shipping fee.  To avoid shipping fees, please indicate an LCBO location closest to you where we can deliver your wine.
  • You will be responsible for keeping track of your referrals, as will Noteworthy Wines.
  • You are allowed a maximum of one referral per person (ie. an individual or company can’t be referred two separate people or organizations).  This information will be tracked by the referred person’s customer ID number.
  • If people you refer continue to purchase wine from us, you will continue to get $5 for each case they order.
  • There is no cash value to this program.  Rewards are applicable to purchases only.
  • You cannot apply referrals to yourself or your own account.
  • This program may be cancelled at any time, although any referrals that you get credit for will stay on your account until you redeem for wine product.

Keeping Track

2013-5Plus5-TrackingCard, where you write down the names of people you believe have purchased wine with Noteworthy Wines.  We’ll verify your referrals with our transaction history.  If there are any discrepancies or disagreement, we’ll confirm with people you refer to ensure we are all kept honest.


If you have questions about the $5 + $5 program, please call 519-914-1204 or email info AT noteworthywines DOT ca.


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