2014 Toronto GWFE: Try Your Luck With Our 2014 Cork Guess!
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2014 Toronto GWFE: Try Your Luck With Our 2014 Cork Guess!

Yes, we are returning to the Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo next week and will have LOTS on hand:

  • Meet us at Booth 1107, just at the corner near the glasses as you enter the main hall!
  • The exceptionally talented Mark Enns and Bill Wittur will be your hosts through the entire weekend, with several new, wonderful and intelligent staff to guide you through our wines!
  • Introductions:  we will have a few really neat surprises for fans of new wines, especially those from California!
  • The ‘Classics':  the wines of Grady, Zantho, Le Velette, Rosa d’Oro and even the sparkling wine from Thurn & Taxis will be available for sampling!
  • Persuasion:  At the VIP lounge, we’ll have exclusive opportunities to taste Arlene Dickinson’s new ‘Persuasion Dragon’s Blend’ Sonoma wine.  It’s only available for licensees, but you’ll have a chance to try it all weekend!
  • Sample several of the 15 Intervin winners!
  • The Cork Guess Contest will RETURN!

For those of you who don’t know what the Cork Guess is, the contest is simple:  give us your name and email to enter the contest (and sign up for our newsletter) and guess the number of corks in the jar.  The challenge?  We changed the jar this year!

The winner of the 2014 Cork Guess Contest will receive a $50 gift certificate towards the purchase of any Noteworthy Wines services and/or products.  Their name will be drawn randomly from the final list of entrants that guess the right number.

Here’s a ‘teaser’ shot of the jar:

2014 Noteworthy Wines Cork Contest Teaser Shot

2014 Noteworthy Wines Cork Contest Teaser Shot


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