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2013 London Wine and Food Show Recap

It’s been a couple of weeks since we wrapped up the 2013 London Wine and Food Show.

This will be a brief note, as all I really want to do is acknowledge the hard work of those around me and the show organizers. Mark & Anita were tireless and kept things ‘flowing’ smoothly; our family made sure that all was taken care of while I burned a few extra hours getting things off the ground and packed away again; and the show organizers.

Of course, the central stars were all the great wine enthusiasts that I met over the course of the weekend. We had fantastic conversations with new and old clients, lots of local restaurant owners and folks who were from out of town for a ‘night out’. We sincerely hope you all enjoyed yourselves and you come back to Noteworthy Wines often!

Now … for those of you who want to see our booth, I encourage you to watch this brief video:


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